5 best benefits of international internship

With the changing face of employment around the globe, having an international internship on your resume is becoming one of the most crucial factors for your career growth. Apart from this, an international internship can work wonders for both your professional as well as personal development. Interning in a foreign country won’t be piece of cake, having to adjust to the new culture, food, people, and languages. Say bye bye to your comfort zone!! And no, I am not trying to scare you. Even though you’ll be miles away from your comfort zone, the experience you will have along the way will be worth it. Not only your employees/friends/colleagues will drool over the fact that you had a month if not months of international experience, it will definitely help you grow as an individual.

To add to your “butterflies in the stomach” excitement, here are 5 best benefits why everyone should intern abroad.

Go live in your favorite country – or free! (Well almost!)

How many times in your life have you wished to go and live in a country? New York, London, Hong Kong? Think of this as a dream come true! Not only you will be able to live and experience the place; this life changing experience won’t cost you a fortune. Today, there are many organizations who help you get internships across the world. I say, learn how to find international internships yourself and you save all the money you would’ve rather paid as fees.  Most of the companies provide food and accommodation and if you’re lucky you might get a stipend for your work.


International connect, have a global network

“Your network is your net-worth.” During your internships, you will have multiple chances to build a valuable business or professional relationships. Developing and fostering these relationships will add huge benefits in your career ahead.


5 top benefits of international internships


Experience before you graduate

Let’s face it! We all kinda have been there, and for those who are not quite there yet; Trust me you’ll soon be! An internship might not give you exactly what a full work experience would, but you will definitely get a gist of how your work life will look like. And for recruiters, that’s like a bonus. When everyone around you will be fresher, this will make you stand apart from everyone. And I have a subtle feeling that it might increase your chances of getting hired!


5 top benefits of international internships


A new culture

By taking the time to learn about someone’s cultural background, you may have a better understanding of their life. Learning about another culture can open your mind, your heart, allow you to express empathy, and reevaluate your own life and culture.


Earn academic credits

Last but definitely not the least, a lot of universities give you a chance to earn academic credits or points for your international internships. These points later come very handy in easy hiring, fast promotions, and better packages.

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