Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive process-Kurt Lewin

As a BBA student, getting theoretical knowledge is one thing but getting a hands-on experience and practical knowledge is what’s going to put you in front of others. It is contextual and social in nature and helps you acquire the specific techniques that become the tools of your trade. Before you dive into a MBA program, you will understand all the aspects of business thoroughly.Also you will be able to make a concrete decision on what to specialize after your BBA. After getting a bird’s eye view of Business you can use the experience  in your family business, your own or your perceived dream job. After this program you would be ahead of the pack in terms of understanding of the concepts and their applications.

Business Batch is a one month batch which helps the participants to understand the practical business. Latest and practical learning’s of business and entrepreneurship. A lot of times, students lack the practical education of business. On the other hand there are no certification courses before post graduation about business and entrepreneurship. Students are in dilemma about where to start from, about scaling up and a lot of other areas. With business batch, ensure your promotion and put your education on steroids if you have studied business. We share most practical and cutting-edge ground realities, things that actually worked in business from 2012-2017.

So take a roller coaster ride of your 2 years of MBA in just a month.

For BBA students with family business:-

It is a dream of every entrepreneur to scale their business to multiple geographies and become a brand, and to do so you need to acquire skills like:-

  1) Hiring the best talent.

  2) Retaining your employees.

  3) How to approach a VC.

  4) Management of funds  effectively.

  5) Design a perfect product fit for market.

  6) Convert customers into paying and recurring clients

  7) Take your business to multiple geographies.

  8) Brand value creation.

  9) Social brand promoters.

While three-quarters of Indian family businesses have grown in the past one year, barely 15% of them have a robust, documented and communicated succession plan, according to PwC’s 2016 India Family Business Survey Report. So it’s imperative to have a solid succession plan laid out for you and for your future generations. You could scale your family business to new levels with your learning which are applicable to the current trends. After understanding what worked and what didn’t in our business you will realize the ground realities and relate it to your business and improvise it.

Mini MBA international certificate for resume:-

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” – Chris Grosser.

Built up a strong resume by adding a mini MBA international certificate and

  1. Get a high paying job.
  2. Ensure faster promotions by a completely understanding the company’s working ecosystem.
  3. Ensure rapid growth in the organisation in which you will work.

“Never stop learning, as Life never stops teaching.”

Learn new skills, gain experience, grow business and built a strong resume.

Registration Form: https://goo.gl/forms/A39S4oSowfqMN9os2

Wanna know more about business batch? Go here: ValueKreation.com/Business-Batch

See you at starting session of Business Batch powered by Valuekreation.com on  25 May 2017.

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