Launching VK’s Business Batch (miniMBA)

A lot of Students, Wannabe Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs, always look forward to learning from our experience, mistakes and best practices we follow at Value Kreation.

To share our learning and experience of past 5 years(2012-2017), we have launched first of its kind “Business Batch”.

IMP Links:
1) Wanna Startup? whats there for you in VK’s Business Batch?
2) Business Owner and Entrepreneurs, what’s there for you in VK’s Business Batch?
3) What’s there in Business Batch for MBA Students of Nagpur?
4) Why Business Batch (miniMBA) for BBA Students of Nagpur?

Know more about VK’s Business Batch at

Registration Form:


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  • Vinod

    Very nice Initiative.

  • Hrithraj Singh

    It would be of great help for the new entrepreneurs

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