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Job & Internship Hunting | Public Speaking | Interview Skills | Values & Leadership

Why Leadership Batch?

Have you ever been misinterpreted? Did you wanted to say something else and ended by saying something else? Have you been in a situation where nobody is listening? Where nobody understands you? Where nobody cares about you at home or office? You might think it is just a matter of time! We would say let’s be prepared for it.

“85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.”
– Carnegie Institute of Technology

Program Details

Job & Internship Hunting
  • Active-Passive and Social Media Job hunting
  • FAB analysis and Understanding how ATS works
  • Mastery over 8 types of resume viz ppt resume, video resume, etc

Learn how to get 30 Interviews anytime anywhere. Only 29% of Jobs are advertised in India and these jobs are called “Active Job Openings”, this is where you will find all the competition. Learn “Passive Job Hunting Strategies” which opens door to the rest 71% Job opportunities. 1 out of every 6 applicant gets a job through social media. We have heard Job Seekers Cry “There are no good jobs, we are searching since months”. Also we have heard all companies cry “We need good talent, we are always looking for them”. While Searching a Job or Internship you need to have a schedule, you need to have a Good Resume and Cover Letter Handy. And with 9 tools and current opportunities, you can score yourself 2 Jobs every 15 days. We have not only trained students and professionals across India but also MBA Faculties and Professors. Learn how you can get experience even before you graduate, how to find international jobs and internships, how to find the job in your desired sector!

Public Speaking
  • How to open and close a talk
  • How to Influence
  • Effective Communication Skill

“Where is your confidence?”, “I say don’t be nervous!”, “Come on Speak.”, “They won’t eat you.”

Few Minutes before the Public Speech “I rather drink poison than to speak”.
Once I start “I rather get shot than stop”

Why do I need to learn public speaking? Because you do that every day and you need to be great at it, every day a number of people hear you and it is a great activity to build confidence, to learn to influence, to be a great communicator, to increase alertness. Learn the most important Skill of Public Speaking. Acquiring confidence before an audience and Influencing the crowd, Influencing by Exposition, Description, Narration, Suggestion, Arguments, Persuasion.

Interview Skills
  • HD recorded Mock Interviews
  • Innerview before Interview
  • Body Language and Power Dressing

99% of your first impression is made in your absence in front of HR or company’s employers. A resume is a piece of paper which represents you in your absence. You should have a great resume and cover letter before Interview. And In any Interview, the topic of discussion is not politics or sports but you and your life. So having an Inner-View before Interview helps.

Tell me something about yourself? (But what exactly?) What are your greatest weaknesses? (I have a lot of them, but you won’t hire me then :P) Why should we select you? (Please)

I can prepare for the questions but how to prepare for cross questions, HR can ask anything.  There is a very fine line between confidence and overconfidence, how to differentiate that line?

Values & Leadership
  • Build character
  • Make better decisions.
  • Improved charisma

What is Leadership? Well everyone wants you to be a great leader, you must have learned Leadership in detail in 9th or 11th grade?
Maybe in your graduation?

All the great organization and institutions have reached to their respective heights by having and following great value systems. In a world where the population is growing by multifold, great organizations and institutions need people who have great values and can be leaders of the masses.

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Time & Date

Batch starts 3 June 2019, 5 days a week
Time: 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM


This workshop is priced at  ₹5000 ₹2500

Meet your Trainers

Rucha Kale

International Trainer | Design Entrepreneur

Chief Executive Officer Value Kreation
Founder & CEO of Bows By Rucha
Ex-MD of Global Clothing Company
Ex-COO of Nobre Clothing Inc
Board Member of GYAT Foundation

Trained students at Johannesburg, South Africa;
Surat, India, Judged business plan competitions at
IIM-Indore etc

Baldev Singh Rawat

Educator | Author | Entrepreneur

Founder of Think Value Kreation Pvt Ltd
Founder of Resume It Up
Co-founder Bows By Rucha
IIM-B (MDP Strategy Consulting)
Co-author of Strength Ecology

Trained students and faculties at New Delhi,
Nagaland, Mumbai, at Institutes like IIM-Indore,
XLRI, ILS Pune, VNIT etc

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