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The 21st century has seen some remarkable discoveries, inventions, and innovations, making our lives easier and more comfortable. The best thing that happened in this century is the invention of the internet and websites. Because of the internet, the world has come closer and become more connected. The internet has enabled businesses to sell their products and services to people anywhere in the world. Today, a person living in Nagpur can practically operate his or her business in the United States, Europe or anywhere in the world. All this can happen with just a website.


Today, with millions of people surfing the internet, and looking up for solutions to practically every problem they can think of, you can use this to make a healthy income for yourself. People who are passionate about things like poetry or story-writing or any idea they might have, all of these can be showcased with a very beautiful and functional website. Your talent can be showcased at a global level, you can even monetize your talent and passion for your art, product or your idea easily with some clicks. Also, traditional businesses like clothing stores, local taxi hiring company, and many more similar businesses want their presence online so as to not miss any customer and to increase their brand value.


Let’s take a look at some ways you can make money through websites-


A wise man said, “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” You can always earn money from the skills you learn and acquire. After you’ve learned the skill of website development, you can take up website development projects from businesses who don’t have time to develop for themselves or lack the knowledge thereof to develop a beautiful website. It’s a great way to make a few extra bucks while building your profile.

You can look for such jobs offline or you can check for such jobs like fiverr.com, freelancer.com, upwork.com etc.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing done by big e-commerce retailers like Amazon and Flipkart, whose market size is growing at a very fast rate and by 2020, it will have a market share of $ 6.8 billion. In affiliate marketing, the website holder registers itself as an affiliate marketer to these retailers and publishes the links for the products. The viewer on the website can buy that product through the mentioned links on the website. If the viewer buys the product through that link, the website holder gets a 5-15% commission on that sale, depending on the category of the product. With this, people are earning about ₹ 50,000/month.

(Source: https://mthink.com/affiliate-marketing-industry-grow-6-8-billion-next-five-years/)


Blogging and advertisements

Everyone has significant thoughts and opinions, and one may even be really passionate about something. You can share your knowledge and opinions with the world by starting your own blog.

After sizeable traffic grows on your website or blog, you can approach some brands to pay you for their advertisement or endorsement. Today, almost everyone is on the internet and with that amount of people on the internet, it becomes easier and cost-effective for brands to advertise themselves. Blogs are a very creative form of advertisement for any product or service. If written properly, brands give a very healthy cheque for that purpose. Blog form of advertisement may be underrated due to the huge traffic on Facebook and Instagram, but trust me, blogs still rule the digital advertisement as you can precisely discuss the product and people will be better informed about the product.  



In today’s digital world, practically everything is available on the internet and convenience is on a different level altogether. I don’t think I need to explain how online platforms have made our lives simpler. A website acts as a 24×7 store and you can be a global entrepreneur just through a website. Practically every product is available on the internet.


Teach website development

Knowledge acquired is not meant to be kept to yourself, it’s meant to share and propagate. You can earn money by teaching skills you’ve acquired, like website development, to people who are eager to learn and charge them quite well since this skill is a scarce resource and has a high demand. Also, by teaching a student, you revise your skill and become an expert. Isn’t it awesome to revise your own skill and also earn from it!


See how a website and the skill of website development can be a great source of income? There are people who’ve become millionaires just through a website. After reading this blog I hope that you are quite interested to learn how to build a website. And you know what the best part is? You can build a fully functional, beautiful website without writing a single line of code. Want to learn how? Here’s a great workshop just for you:


Website Workshop, 3-day intensive website development and designing workshop where you can learn the basics of a website and how you can develop your own website with the least amount of investment. Be it following your passion, building your brand or starting your own startup, website workshop caters to every aspect of website development. You will also be able to curate your own content legally, and for free.


For registrations or queries, you can visit our website workshop page.

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