Leadership Batch
Public Speaking, Interview Skills, Charisma, Job Search Strategy
How to
Solve Your Problems & Never Get into them Again.

“85% of your financial success is due to your personality and ability to communicate, negotiate and lead. Shockingly, only 15% is due to technical knowledge.”
by Carnegie Institute of Technology

Have you ever been misinterpreted? Did you wanted to say something else and ended by saying something else? Have you been in a situation where nobody is listening? Where nobody understands you? Where nobody cares about you at home or office? You might think it is just a matter of time! I would say let’s be prepared for it.

Business Batch is a one month batch which helps the participants to understand the practical business. Latest and practical learnings of business and entrepreneurship. A lot of times, students lack the practical education of business and there are no  certification courses before post graduation about business and entrepreneurship. Students are in dilemma about where to start from, about scaling up and a lot of other areas. With business batch, ensure your promotion and put your education on steroids if you have studied business. We share most practical and cutting-edge ground realities, things that actually worked in business from 2012-2018.

Business Batch
Your Mini MBA
(Practical Business Learnings of 2012 - 2017)
Get overview of Business and Entrepreneurship
How to make a website in a weekend!
2 days = 1 website
How to create a complete website from scratch.

website is your most powerful tool for communication. It is a unique way to connect with the world. Whether you choose to create a website to share your passion for music, inform people of your business, sell products or any other reason—there are no boundaries to what you can do!

There’s no way better than a website to publish your images, music, and videos while gaining profits and new customers. It is a dynamic space to make your mark. Making a website is a necessary step for the growth of a successful organization. It is your most important communications tool and a powerful marketing ally! For more ideas on creating your website and to explore your possibilities, we invite you to attend our Website Workshop.