Business Owner and Entrepreneurs, what’s there for you in VK’s Business Batch?

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs need continuous up-gradation with time and learn how to keep themselves updated in the ever-changing world.

Running a company and owning a profitable business is hard. As long as you are not equipped with the right knowledge, approach, attitude to tackle adversities.

While searching for business advice we come across a lot of entrepreneurs and investors. But it’s a pain figuring out which one to follow.

We’ve compiled a list of important topics for business owners and entrepreneurs. We share most practical and cutting-edge ground realities, things that actually worked in business from 2012-2017.

  1) How to hire the best talent.

  2) Retaining your employees.

  3) How to approach a VC.

  4) Management of funds  effectively.

  5) Design a perfect product which will fit the market.

  6) Convert customers into paying and recurring clients

  7) Take your business to multiple geographies.

  8) Brand value creation.

  9) Social brand promoters.

Running the gamut from hilarious, to informational, to controversial, to thought-provoking, to practicing profitable activities, this one month business batch is a must-attend for anyone who’s running a business or owning a business.

It is well said that “when your assets start buying another assets you become rich.”

 Learn how it happens.

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