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Today, in the 21st century, people have access to so much information and opportunities, and an abundance of resources. The technological phenomena called the “internet” has paved the way for each and every person on this planet to make their dreams a reality. A student, whether in school or college, has some amazing ideas and a rebellious attitude to change the world and make it a better place to live (and also earn some bucks out of it!)


As a student, whenever we hear the word “website development”, all we can see are the tiring and tedious lines of codes that we need to mug up and write to develop our own website. One of the solutions to this is hiring a website developer, but that is a lot of capital investment for a student. Also, shouldn’t there be a way to develop websites without writing long lines of code? Well not to worry, because there is a way!


Website workshop is a 2-day structured course on website development where every student can learn how to develop a beautiful and functional website without any coding skills and make their ideas a reality.  


In today’s world, where everyone searches everything on google. Did you know, before hiring a candidate for a job, 80% of the employers Google the candidate’s name to look at their work? If you have your personal website which lists your skills, achievements, educational qualifications, etc (an e-resume, to put it simply), the chances of securing a job increase by 33%. A website will also help you mark your place in the industry.

(Source: HuffPost)


Not just that, but a website is the greatest platform to showcase your passion. If you are an artist of any form like painter, writer, photographer, poet etc. you can start a blog or if you have some innovative product or service to sell, a website is the best source to do that. And it requires minimum investment and has the potential to give high returns.


Website Workshop acts as an ultimatum to bridge the gap between people’s passion and it’s execution. At Website Workshop, you will learn the following things –

  1. Basics of a website (domain, hosting etc)
  2. All about WordPress (right from installation to development)
  3. Website Designing (The most important factor of a website)
  4. Getting high-quality images – legally and for free.
  5. Content curation for your website.


Excited? Check out our Website Workshop page to know more.

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