What do you think is required to become an entrepreneur? Before you start on your ultra-long list of requirements, I’ll share mine – a laptop and an internet connection.

With the boost in the startup culture in India and the rate at which innovations and solutions to real-time problems are coming up, entrepreneurship culture is shaping up pretty good in India.

Everyone wants to change the world with their solution, but many people back off with the fact that establishing a startup takes a ton of capital and resources. Well, times are changing and a laptop and an internet connection can make you an entrepreneur.


With free internet access to almost everyone, approaching your desired customer has become even easier. With the free internet by Jio and a laptop, you can sell your product or service to practically anyone, sitting anywhere in the world. Today, a website is literally your platform for your startup. Whether you want to build your brand or sell your product or even validate your idea, a website is the most essential resource for your startup. 2019 cannot be the worst year for a startup as they have almost every resource on a platter. You can literally start selling with just a laptop and your Jio internet and become an entrepreneur.


With advancements in technology, anyone with a laptop and a good internet can build a beautiful and functional website. The only skill you need to develop a website is the eagerness to learn and a bit of imagination, that’s it!


After reading this blog I hope that you are quite interested to learn how to build a website. And you know what the best part is? You can build a fully functional, beautiful website without writing a single line of code. Want to learn how? Here’s a great workshop just for you:


Website Workshop, 3-day intensive website development and designing workshop where you can learn the basics of a website and how you can develop your own website with the least amount of investment. Be it following your passion, building your brand or starting your own startup, website workshop caters to every aspect of website development. You will also be able to curate your own content legally, and for free.


Check out this page for more details.

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