Why Business Batch for MBA Students of Nagpur?

Everyone will wonder of why a MBA graduate need a business batch,right?

Amidst the tens of thousands of management graduates churned out by the 5,500 B-schools in the country, only 7 per cent turn out to be employable, says a study conducted by ASSOCHAM. Except the IIMs, only a few of these management institutes are able to boast of quality management education that can help their graduates secure employment.

Business batch is set on ideologies that a person will be better at catching a fish when handed with a fishing gear rather than just explaining the procedure.

1) Effective approach:- Business batch will give that exposure to the participants about executing the learned theories and knowledge in the business who are then ready for the race.

The focus of Business batch is to shift from theoretical knowledge to skill based education with a more practical and dynamic approach. It emphasizes on pedagogies like using case studies along with imparting the practical expertise attained from years of experience in the domain.

2) Financial independence for women:- Business batch emphasizes on helping and building courage in a woman led startup. It will teach the key problems faced in the contemporary world which would resonate with the female audience and provide solutions on them.

3) High paying jobs:- Just when you have complete knowledge about business after MBA, any company will provide you with high paying jobs for the treasure of knowledge that you have about business.


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